Halehan - Home (Official video)

2020, 04'33, bnw, 4:3

Directed by Marnik A. Boekaerts

Cast: Eline Hoyois, Timoer Nulens & Ignace Wirotius

DOP: David Garcia

1 AC: Charlie Severe

Gaffer: Lucas Sevrin

Best boy: Théo Fernandez Lustig

Key Grip: Gaston Struye

Costume design: Maud Kuypers

Make-up: Cécile Paravina

The Tournament - Florentina Leitner SS20

2020, 04'33, color, 4:3

Directed by Marnik A. Boekaerts

Halehan - When The World's Turned Around (Official video)

2020, 04'09, color, 4:3

Directed & filmed by Marnik A. Boekaerts

Kionita ss17 Victor collection

2017, 01'17, color, 4:3

Directed by June Laka & Marnik A. Boekaerts

Image by David Garcia

Experimental narrative 'A confrontation with the embodiment of fear'

2015, 09'47, color, 4:3

Directed by Marnik A. Boekaerts

Performed by Laurian Callebaut & Matthew Noydens

© 2020 Marnik A. Boekaerts